When I heard about this kind of cultural exchange, I decided to apply and now I see that this was one of the best decisions in my life. I was fortunate  to get a truly wonderful family who was my constant support and who tried that I feel like in my own home. Generally , I have been delighted with Spanish people, their  affection and desire to provide assistance in every situation, even if you do not speak the same language. Spain is a wonderful country that offers many opportunities.  I resided in Madrid, which is beautiful but also fantastically connected with other cities and there are countless possibilities for organizing a trip. It’s easy to connect with other program participants and get new friends to make your free time more interesting. I really enjoyed it, both in the beauty of Spain and in food. Paella has quickly become one of my favorite meals, and I can’t wait to make my first natillas. Time spent with children is also a special experience. I admit that sometimes it is not easy, but when you realize that your effort is  worth ,the feeling is indescribable. We can learn a lot from kids and also have fun with them. I have to emphasize that I had continuous support  from agency from my state, but also from agency in Spain. This was very important to me, especially at the beginning and I am very grateful for that. As an au pair, you have the chance to get to know the culture of Spain, learn or improve Spanish, as well as to improve English (if English is not your first language). In addition, an opportunity to meet people and have new friends from around the world. And what is especially important to me is my personal development and an opportunity to examine your possibilities. You can become more independent, more experienced and ultimately happier. I would recommend this program to anyone who loves children, travel and new experiences. I believe that you will not regret.

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