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Who are our families?

Matching with the right host family is one of the most important steps to becoming an au pair. “Au Pair In Spain” matches carefully screened Host Families and Au Pairs through a customer-driven and streamlined matching process. We conduct home visits, interviews and check references to assure compatibility and suitability in order to make this cultural exchange experience as more effective and comfortable as possible for both participants.

Our host families are really conscious that this is a cultural exchange program and they want you to become part of their family. They will integrate au pairs into their daily routine at home, offering them the chance to experience Spanish life and culture at first hand. Through this program, we hope that the au pair will return to his/her home country and share with family and friends a positive and realistic impression of life in Spain and Spanish people through this unique cultural exchange program.ejemplo2

Spanish host families are very interested in learning your native language and about your culture, they want you to teach your language to their children. This is the main reason why they decide to host an au pair. They are not looking for cheap domestic help.

Most of families demanding au pairs live in Madrid, but we also arrange placements in other big cities all over Spain. During summer time most of the families in Madrid go on holidays for part or for the whole summer, to another area of Spain, usually the coast (Levante, Andalucía, North…) or the mountains. It is a great opportunity to travel around.

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