When you need a student visa: AuPair & Study Program

Non EU citizens do not need a visa for stays no longer than 3 months ( if their country is exempted from this obligation as Spain is a Schengen country) and they do not need to be enrolled in a Spanish Language course either.

For more than 3 months stays, au pairs need a student visa, enrolment in Spanish classes or other educational courses, having guaranteed the necessary economical resources to defray the expenses of their studies, as well as the costs of living and the return to their country; and a medical insurance. Au Pair In Spain team will help you to obtain documentation required if you come from an English speaking country (USA, Canada, Australia…). Another option is to obtain non lucrative residence visa. Call your Spanish consulate and get the necessary information.

Rules and regulations for Student Visas are constantly changing. We highly suggest that you contact your nearest Consulate immediately to ensure that you have all of the necessary paperwork and that you will have enough time to submit your application. We will help you with this. You should contact the Consulate at lest 60 days before your departure. 

In Madrid we currently can offer you the Au Pair & Study program in schools accredited by Instituto Cervantes. 

Learn our wonderful language while enjoying our cultural activities, with the Pack Au Pair Español + Cultura Española. You will be able to obtain a student visa with the registration certificate provided with the course. Administration fee for those requiring an au pair Visa 150€.

You can choose between:

Extensive Spanish for Au Pairs – 3 hours/week 4 classes/week 115 €/month
Intensive Spanish for Au Pairs – 20 hours/week 10 classes/week + Other cultural and social activities. 295 €/month

With the Intensive  program you´ll learn Spanish language while enjoying the city-life. It will be 10 hours a week of Spanish classes, and the program will be completed with extra-curricular activities and homework to complete the 20 hours weekly required by most consulates to obtain the au pair or student visa. The monthly cost of the course is 295 € for our au pairs. Books and registration fee are included in the cost. Some consulates that offer au pair visa, accept the enrollment in just an extensive course (Chicago and New York consulates but please check this with them first).

The student certificate is valid for getting the visa in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. The school will issue the certificate required by the Spanish consulate, once you pay in advance a deposit of 750€.



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