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Program fee: Up from 90€

Characteristics and Skills needed

  • The Au Pair In Spain program is a real cultural exchange program, probably more than in many other countries. Families are interested in learning the culture and language of au pairs mainly, they are not interested in getting cheap domestic help. Their main objective is that au pairs can teach their language or English language to their kids. Therefore if you are thinking about applying to this program, you need to be willing to teach your native language (or other languages that you are fluent) to the kids and teach them about your culture to them. The au pair in Spain role is then more about language interaction and childcare rather than housework.
  • You need to be interested in teaching your native language or English language to the kids. This is the main reason why families decide to host an au pair. You do not need to teach the language as a teacher, the best thing is just talking and playing with the kids using your native language or English.
  • Au pairs do not need to be qualified, but kind, friendly and helpful.
  • You need to enjoy working with children and playing with them and teaching them your native language or other.
  • You need to be a communicative person. It does not mean you need to speak Spanish, most families speak English or another language at a good standard. Families accept au pairs with no Spanish knowledge.
  • You need to be mature and independent, as families do not want another person to have to look after. This does not mean that you can not share activities with the family, normally families love that you spend the weekend with them, but if you need to stay at home alone during the weekend or other short period of time, or if you need to cook for yourself, they want you can take care of yourself and their home.
  • Shy personality is not the preferred for families, most families prefer an outgoing and fun personality as they think their kids will have more fun with them and will learn more this way. It does not mean that if you are shy you can not be a good au pair. As far as you care about kids and are able to entertain them and make an effort to make them enjoy their time with you, it should be fine. We have seen many shy au pairs that were wonderful for the kids and they just loved them.
  • You need to be an openminded person and have a strong desire for getting to know the culture and Spanish language. You need to adapt to the family way of living and customs. Do not expect they cook different food for you if you do not like theirs. Be willing and ready to adapt to a new way of living and culture, and do not try they adapt to yours.

If you are interested in the following below, this is your program !

  • You are interested in teaching your language but in a family environment.
  • You want to visit Spain and work there to finance your stay in a family environment.
  • You want to have time to take Spanish lessons and go to a language school, or just do other activities that you are interested in (flamenco lessons, cooking lessons…)
  • You want to understand everyday Spanish family life and culture, not just tour the country.
  • You want to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish culture, be able to learn the language as you have the opportunity to enroll in Spanish lessons and learn from being surrounded by the Spanish language.
  • You want to get to know the locals and improve your Spanish.
  • You want to improve your language skills and cultural knowledge.
  • You are interested in getting out of your comfort zone and fully immerse into a foreign culture.
  • You want to get tangible personal and professional benefits from your time abroad.
  • You need to have the cultural experience, and the sense of being a global citizen.
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