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Registration and acceptance

1. Au pair confirms that has read and understood all material provided and that fulfills all criteria required to be an Au Pair In Spain and agrees to abide by the au pair program guidelines and immigration conditions.

2. Au pair confirms she/he is in good health to travel to Spain and take care of children.

3. Au pair declares she/he does not have any criminal history and confirms that she/he does not have any problems with the police or the law.

4. Au pair hereby warrants that the information she/he has given in the application form and all documents provided to complete her/his file are accurate. She/he declares that all qualifications gained and certificates and references provided, are genuine.

5. Au pair commits her/himself to inform CULTURE & FRIENDS of all changes related to the information included in her/his application form that may occur.

6. Au pair understands that CULTURE & FRIENDS can not return any of her/his application documents, including photographs and references at any time and for any reason.

Program rules and European Regulations

7. Au pair declares she/he is familiar with and agree to abide by all program guidelines and terms and conditions, and in particular those regarding: the number and distribution of working hours, au pair duties, pocket money, free time, holidays, language courses, transportation costs, insurance, the termination of an au pair arrangement, and refunds and replacement policy.

8. Au pair confirms that she/he will pay my program fee (if applicable) as calculated by the agency on the agreed date prior to travel.

9. After confirmation of placement au pair agrees to stay in touch with the host family (at least by email) until she/he arrives to Spain.

10. Au pair understands that an au pair arrangement is a cultural exchange program and not a work contract. She/he understands that being an au pair requires a high degree of flexibility, responsibility and she/he agrees to perform her/his duties as an au pair to the best of her/his ability.

11. Au pair commits her/himself to take full advantage of the cultural opportunities, learn the Spanish language, abide by Spanish regulations and laws, and show tolerance.I She/he understands that family assumes responsibility with her/his presence and she/he must integrate into their customs.

12. Au pair perfectly understands that the success of her/his experience in Spain relies to a greater extent on her/his attitude and participation, initiative and flexibility to adapt.

13. One in Spain the Au pair commits her/himself to carry out her/his childcare and other responsibilities to the host family as agreed in the written agreement signed between Au Pair and Host Family.

14. Au pair understands that her/his childcare duties are of prime importance and she/he will carry them out responsibly in a caring and considerate manner. She/he understands that she/he may be required to teach her/his language to the children.

15. Au pair understands that she/he will be asked to undertake light household duties and to make a fair contribution to the cleanliness of the ‘common’ areas of her/his host family’s home and she/he agrees to keep her/his own room clean and tidy.

16. Au pair understands that during holiday periods, the family may want her/him to go with them and occasionally, she/he may be required to share a bedroom with the children (holiday homes are generally smaller). She/he will also need to be more flexible about the working hours during holiday periods, and she/he may not be able to attend to Spanish lessons.

17. Within the first week of her/his stay in the host country, she/he will inform her/his local agency of her/his new contact details: phone and email to use during her/his stay abroad.

18. Au pair will be responsible for all her/his personal expenses as travel cost to and from Spain, telephone bills, language courses, medical private insurance ,visa fees and she/he will bring sufficient funds with her/him to cover any unforeseen expenses.

19. Au pair will be responsible for obtaining the European Health Insurance card (EHIC) which will enable her/him, as an european citizen, to enter the Social Security System of Spain with a medical coverage in the event of sickness, maternity or accident. If those events can not be covered by national social security legislation (for Non-EU citizens), She/he will arrange a private insurance in her/his own that covers all risks in Spain. The agency and every staff member declines all responsibility concerning the medical or personal coverage of the au pair.

20. Once in Spain, if she/he is going to stay longer than 3 months, she/he must be registered at the Central Register of Foreigners and she/he will apply for the Alien Registration Card (NIE or Numero de Identificación de extranjeros) within a month of her/his arrival.

Travel and Flights

21. She/he will not travel to the family until all details are confirmed by the agency and there is an agreement or invitation letter signed by the family.

22. Upon receipt of written confirmation of the family, she/he will contact the family to coordinate and book her/his trip in a date and time convenient for everyone. She/he will inform the family and agency about her/his trip details.

23. She/he shall familiarize her/himself with all (if any) visa requirements. She/he will obtain necessary documents (valid passport or visa) prior to departure and will not enter Spain without a proper visa (if required). She/he agrees to leave Spain before her/his visa or residency permit expires (if applicable).

Rematch during the program

24. The agency makes every effort in the selection of the host family. The au pair placement agency cannot guarantee compatibility with host families or that host families are free from behaviors or personal characteristics that an au pair might find objectionable.

25. Au pair commits her/himself to do all her/his best to integrate with her/his host family, to discuss openly the problems that may arrive and to look for a joint solution. In the case they can not arrive at a solution, she/he will contact the agency to get some orientation and assistance.

26. If problems with host family can not be resolved and she/he requires a new replacement, the agency will try to make a transfer to a new family as soon as possible, but she/he understands that the agency can not guarantee a replacement, it will depend on the time of the year, the number of candidates available and her/his abilities. She/he understands that the agency may be required to disclose information received from her/his original host family regarding her/his stay, performance and behavior while with their family.

27. If she/he requests to be placed in a new family, she/he understands she/he needs to be flexible and she/he may have to move to another city and cover her/his own cost (travel, accommodation and other).

28. If she/he does not accept a family according to her/his characteristics and requirements, she/he agrees that the agency is not obliged to offer her/him more families, and her/his participation in the Program will be terminated.

29. Au pair understands that if her/his placement and/or participation in the program is/are found unsatisfactory by the agency for whatever reason, the agency will reassess her/his suitability for future placement. If a recommendation for future placement can not be provided by her/his host family, and/or a new family placement can not be found within a reasonable period or due to her/his behavior or if she/he refuses to be placed; her/his participation in the Program will be terminated.

Early termination

30. In the case she/he wants to terminate the agreement with the Host Family she/he shall give 2 week’s notice to the Host Family and to the agency (in writing and stating the reasons), except in the cases of gross misconduct or breach of contract.

31. Once reported her/his desire for terminating the agreement before the agreed time, the family may need that she/he leaves the family home before the 2 weeks notice in order to ensure continuity of good quality childcare service. Therefore family and she/he must agree on the date of departure before she/he makes any change to her/his return ticket. She/he will be responsible for the costs of these trip changes and they will not be claimed at any time.

32. If the family is unhappy with her/him for any reason, they may ask for her/him to be changed also – it works both ways.They shall give 2 week´s notice to her/him and to the agency, except in the cases of gross misconduct and breach of contract.

Cancellation and refund

33. Au pair understands that once accepted and placed by CULTURE & FRIENDS all fees paid are non-refundable, unless the family decides to cancel their application.

34. Should Au pair decides to cancel her/his application, she/he shall inform the au pair agency at once.

35. Au pair understands that she/he shall be expelled from the programe under certain circumstances without compensation and may have to return home if:

She/he fails to abide by this agreement or program guidelines, or in case she/he commits gross misconduct.

She/he falsifies any information in her/his application (eg, regarding smoking, child care experience, health, etc)

She/he begins her/his au pair stay before receiving an official confirmation of placement from the au pair agency or a proper visa

She/he administers corporal punishment to a child or leave them alone.

  • She/he is responsible for repeated problems with several host families.

  • She/he disobeys the laws of Spain.

General release and responsibilities

36. Au pair understands that CULTURE & FRIENDS acts as an intermediary for the purpose of effecting introduction between her/him and the Host Family. CULTURE & FRIENDS function is to locate and present her/him with candidates whom CULTURE & FRIENDS believes are suitable, but the final selection of a host family for her/him is her/his responsibility.

37. Au pair agrees that neither CULTURE & FRIENDS nor any member of their staff will be liable for any losses, breach or negligence that the Host Family should cause her/him.

38. If the au pair returns to her/his country, leaving her/his personal belongings in Spain, neither the host family nor the agency will be responsible for keeping and sending it back to her/him. The au pair will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements to get her/his personal belongings.

39. Au pair agrees that neither CULTURE & FRIENDS nor any member of their staff will be liable for any claims made against them as a result of any breach, damages, losses or negligence resulting from my participation in the program.

40. It is agreed that Spanish law shall apply to this agreement and Au pair agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.

Personal data protection

41. Au pair gives permission to release all her/his information to potential host families and to partner agencies.

42. In accordance with Section 13 of Part 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, we hereby inform you that the data protection officer is CULTURE & FRIENDS, S.L and that such processing is carried out for the provision of the service subject matter of this contract and to send information and communications on services of the company which may be of interest to you. As long as you do not indicate otherwise, we will keep your data to facilitate future proposals and keep you informed of our services related to our activity, including by electronic means. Data will be shared with third parties (host families and partner agencies) to carry out the purposes of this contract. If data requested is not provided, we will not be able to provide our services. You may access, rectify and delete your data, as well as exercise other rights, by sending us an email to or to CULTURE & FRIENDS S.L. (Ref: Data Protection), Plaza Santa Catalina de los Donados 3, Madrid 28013. You may also request further information on data protection by sending us an email to

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