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Family Exchange

Family exchange can be a very good option for those applicants that do not want to be an au pair, but would like to live with a host family during a Gap Year while completing their studies or working (Spanish language school, secondary school, vocational school, university, internships, voluntary work, language assistant, etc). It is a reciprocal exchange that works this way: your family in your country host an exchange student from Spain and her/his family in Spain host you in exchange as well. Host families provide with full board and private room. 
We connect two kids (or young adults) from carefully selected families from different countries to exchange students with each other. Families host a student and send a student to another host family.Both children have the opportunity to discover a new culture and learn a new language. Immersion is complete.

We have families in Spain interested in finding a host family for their kid. In exchange they would host their kid as well. They don’t have to be of same age and they don’t have to be together in same home. Normally kids hosted in Spain are 18 y.o. or older and Spanish kids are between 15 and 18 y.o. For the placement we would use services of a local guardianship agency in each country where the kid is hosted to provide support to student and family. Families will save the money of full board and lodging mainly.

If you are a student or family interested in a reciprocal exchange, please contact us.
Current exchanges available:
 Applicant ESM-0001 (Madrid Spain,16 y.o.) . Would like to be an exchange student in an English speaking country. She would like to study in high school her year 11 (2021-2022) and/or her year 12 (2022-2023). Countries preferred: USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, UK. In exchange, her family would host their kid during same year in Madrid. Student can be enrolled in a Spanish language school, public or private secondary school, vocational school, university, etc . Depending on age and objectives of the student can also do an internship, voluntary work, language assistant, etc . Our organization will advice and provide support to host families and students in both countries. 
Duration of stay: School year August/September 2021 – May/June 2022  and /or school year August/September 2022 – May/June 2023 
Countries accepted for the exchange: United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, UK.
Ages accepted: Up from 15 y.o.
If you are interested or would like to get further information, please Contact us.
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