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My name is Teresa and I´m from Germany. This past year I stayed in Spain as Au Pair. Different reasons influenced my decision to become an Au Pair for one year. First of all I´m very interested in the Spanish language and since my dad is Spanish, I´m raised bilingual. However I attended, a Spanish language school for a short period and consequently I was never very familiar with the Spanish grammar. Therefore, it was my interest to improve my previous Spanish language skills. Besides that, I wanted to get to know the culture and mentality in Spain. Lastly, I just finished my childcare training program in Germany before coming to Spain. That is why it is also my interest to become acquainted with the parenting style and the educational system. Accordingly, these aspects are linking to become an Au pair.
Currently I´m living in Murcia. A big but somehow also small city located in the south of Spain, quite unknown but definitely worth seeing. Briefly, it has everything a city should offer: sufficient shopping facilities, a good social and night life, numerous playgrounds (very important for the children) and especially the likeable Spanish people, which can teach you life.

Since I really like the country, I organized to stay longer for an internship, which I will absolve for 3 months in a day care facility for children. I´m fascinated how friendly, cheerful & open the people here are.
Overall I want to say that it was a very exciting but also a stressful year. Awhile I was thinking that 6 months would be sufficient. Maybe it is for some people but the time passes by so fast that probably 10 months are too short to really experience the real Spanish lifestyle.
So enjoy your time, gain as much experiences as possible and very important have fund and joy during your time abroad!

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