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AU PAIR IN SPAIN is one of the cultural exchange programs offered by CULTURE & FRIENDS S.L., educational travel agency located in Madrid city center. The agency offers other linguistic and cultural immersion programs mainly in Spain, Europe, USA, Australia, Canada and China. It began 12 years ago offering Au Pair in Spain programs and abroad, and now also offers English courses for adults and young people and school year program in Ireland and USA for children and young Spaniards. Currently the company is expanding and gradually incorporating new quality programs to its portfolio, in order to satisfy the needs of our youth arising from the current globalization in which we are immersed.

Au Pair in Madrid Acdaemy

CULTURE & FRIENDS is a cultural exchange organization accredited by the IAPA (International Au Pair Association) and founder member of the Spanish Au Pair Association – AEPA (Asociación Española del programa Au Pair). It has become a travel agency with CICMA number 3855 in order to fulfill with legal requirements in Spain.

Through the AU PAIR IN SPAIN program we give our participants (Au Pairs and Host Families) the opportunity to learn more about other foreign countries and cultures and foster life-long friendship at the same time. Au pairs will be able to teach their host families their language and about culture and life in their countries. Spanish Host Families will integrate au pairs into their daily routine at home, offering them the chance to experience Spanish life and culture at first hand. Through this program, we hope that the au pair will return to his/her home country and share with family and friends a positive and realistic impression of life in Spain and Spanish people through this unique cultural exchange program.

To learn more about the AU PAIR IN SPAIN program, what it is about and what has to offer, please visit this page.

Our objectives

We are a dynamic, flexible and customer oriented organisation. Our main goal is to achieve satisfaction and expectations of families and au pairs, as well as to facilitate continual improvement in our service, therefore we have set a total quality management system. Our objectives are your objectives.


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