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How we work

AU PAIR In Spain program is run according to the articles laid down in the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement, Strasbourg, 24.XI.1969 (ETS No 068), within the framework of the Council of Europe, and according to the Code of Conduct and Guidelines internationally established by the IAPA (International Au Pair
Association), in order to protect the rights of the au pairs and host families and offer a high quality service.

Most of our Au pairs come from our partner organizations that we have in different countries, but some decide to apply directly through our web site, mainly when they do not find  an agency in their country.

We offer our au pairs and host families, a modern, quick, safe and easy AU PAIR IN SPAIN web-based platform with the following benefits:

  • Au pairs and host families can find their match by themselves, with independence and making their own choice.
  • Au pairs will have access to a wide choice of host families all over Spain with no limit of time and number of contacts you can make.
  • You can exchange personal messages with available families of your interest and arrange a personal interview by video conference with those of your interest.
  • All our families have been vetted by our staff before registration and most of them we know them from years, which is very helpful for the success of the matching.
  • You will be always assisted by an agent during all matching process, and they may even offer you some family proposals that are not in the platform. All our families have been vetted by our staff before registration and most of them we know them from years, which is very helpful for the success of the matching.
  • We can advice you when having to choose one family from
    other and help you during negotiation with agreement and conditions with host family. This part is always easier when there is an intermediary looking after your interests.
  • You can use this tool for free as long as you need to find your perfect match. The only requirement for you to use this tool is that you do the registration and provide the required documents. We do not require any up-front payment to receive and make proposals, our agency fee will not be due until you find your family. Please check our administration fees.
  • We also provide support in Spain and coverage for the duration of the program, both to the au pair and to the family, which is key for the success of your stay and for your safety and well-being.
  • We will give you orientation material, Guidelines & Tips, put you in contact with other au pairs and we organize au pairs meetings. Check out our au pair events and au pair testimonials.


Additionally, we offer them complete professional support to au pairs once they are in Spain

  • Support services throughout the program 
  • We give them a welcome pack that includes a Spanish sim card, information about trips and activities, maps and touristic information…We also send them useful information about Tips and Guidelines, language schools…, to help you to make the most of your stay in Spain.
  • Orientation session in Madrid after their arrival.
  • Contact list of other Au Pairs in the area. Regular meetings and social agenda.
  • Secondary placement if the initial placement is unsuccessful
  • Emergency accommodation offered.
  • Assistance about legal requirements to complete in Spain and about medical insurance if they need it.


Steps to follow:

  1. Register  on the platform through this online form .
  2. Once we review the information, you will receive an email with your username and password to access your private area.
  3. You can upload the requested documents in your private area in the «Application» Menu in the «Documents» section. The process is quite simple and intuitive but if you need assistance we can help you at all times, you can contact us both by email and by Skype or Whatsapp. If you have already sent us the documents by email before, we will upload them so you can review them and update if you wish.
  4. Once you register in the platform, you will begin to receive proposals of families available and can request interviews with them.
  5. At any time you can deactivate your profile and reactivate it when you are ready to continue your search, just contact us to let us know.

Please bear in mind we are not an online contact agency. We do not accept any au pair or family without checking the required documentation ( Complete application form, letters, pictures, references, passport, medical certificate, criminal record…)

We offer  complete support in Spain and the agency and its team is based in Spain so we can give you assistance when there is something wrong with family, either finding you another replacement as soon as possible as we have a big data base of families available, and we can even offer you emergency accommodation in case of need. Also we know all cultural differences between Spain and other countries and can give you very good orientation and recommendations to help this experience to be a successful one. Protect Yourself and always use a reputable agency.


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